“Corie was a huge help for me with my son’s wedding. I contacted Corie soon after my son became engaged, because he and his fiancé were planning a destination wedding. I knew Corie had helped her daughter with her destination wedding the previous year, and wanted to know the best way I could help my son and future daughter-in-law. My daughter-in-law is Australian, so her parents would only be able to help so much, due to the distance. Corie considered what the budget would be, and shared ideas about places for the ceremony and reception, looking things up to give us options for a venue. Other important steps being: sending out Save the Date cards, so family could start saving for big day. Having separate receptions at a later date, for family and friends who couldn’t come to the wedding. Corie is the best listener and know exactly what to say to make you feel comfortable about this wonderful, but stressful time. She helped me see what I knew all along, the only plans that mattered were what the Bride and Groom wanted.”

Mother of Groom
“From our very first meeting about our wedding with Corie her energy, passion and professionalism stood out. There was absolutely no way we were going ahead in the planning of our wedding without her.
Every step of the way Corie guided us through, there was never a question too silly or a moment that we felt like it was all getting too much. She made it so easy for us to always feel on top of it all. Her positive attitude and great sense of humour made us feel at ease and really taken care of.
A lot of people asked in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding if we were stressed about the day and our answer was simple… no. We have Corie looking after us! That peace of mind knowing Corie is so efficient at her job certainly took the stress out of our wedding.
There are so many little things that to this day we still don’t even know that Corie would have done on our wedding day, that’s how great she is! Corie’s attention to detail, quick thinking and ability to problem solve anything made for such a smooth sailing day. Her easy going manner and infectious laugh really made our guests feel like being at home.
We couldn’t recommend Corie highly enough, our wedding day was completely how we imagined and that was because Corie helped us make it happen.”

Kaylee willier
Vancouver, B.C.
“I don’t think we could have had a wedding without Corie’s help. When we decided to plan our wedding over three days of events, in another part of the province and with a guest list of 150, we quickly realized we were in over our heads! Corie came to our rescue and helped create the wedding of our dreams.
The first thing we realized about Corie is that she really knows her stuff. In the months before the wedding, she anticipated what we needed more times than I can count. She asked thoughtful questions and executed our every desire with such speed and accuracy that we had a running joke that anything we asked would be completed within a few days (or sometimes just a few hours!). Tasks that had previously overwhelmed us were taken care of with such care that we were able to plan ” Wedding Fest” in the spirit of carefree fun .
Corie created a planning process that left us to enjoy what turned into the best weekend of our lives and I cannot thank or recommend Corie enough.”

Lillie Greenwood
Vancouver, B.C.
We had three months to plan our wedding and Corie pulled it off with flying colours; we could never thank you enough for being such a significant part of our special day.
From the beginning, Corie was very diligent in her work and she never let anything fall through the cracks. I have to say we were not the best bride and groom to work with , I didn’t even know anything about a wedding except that you wear a white dress.
Corie brought her talent and experience to help navigate special details that we would have otherwise not known.
The day before the wedding when Corie pulled up her car to the reception area I was shocked to find out all the things that she had been doing. She made our table runners, all the centerpieces, aisle runners (both the petal and walk runner), boutonnieres, bouquets, write down to the Takeaway gifts. Anything that I wished for or dreamed of or pictured for our wedding, Corie would make it happen…somehow. These are things that I would’ve never thought of.
She completely blew our minds and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wedding consultant that will get the job done.
Corie puts a lot of love into what she does and most importantly she cared about what we wanted our Special day to look like and she brought that into reality, totally exceeding our expectations.

Trent & Eunice
Shaw’s Point Resort
Hi Corie
This is long overdue but just wanted to formally thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make Trent and Eunice’s wedding such a success.
Your attention to detail and help in getting everything organized was fantastic. You covered all the bases and went above and beyond to do everything to make the wedding a success. The way you helped to see what needed to be done prior to and moving toward the date was absolutely fantastic. As well endeavoring to keep all on track on the day with patience and professionalism was greatly appreciated.
The help in decorating and getting everything looking beautiful and the attention to little details was greatly appreciated and added in the enjoyment and pleasure of all the family and friends. Your endeavoring to fill in where needed going above and beyond also appreciated.
There is no doubt that with out you there would not of been the wedding everyone enjoyed.
Thanks is not enough but it is heartfelt and given in all sincerity.

Chuck & Gail Collett