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Planning your wedding is exciting. You have looked at all the magazines, pictures, and we definitely can not forget your dreams. All the where’s and when’s; the season and the location. Your colors, styles, attire, dress, food, music and all the extra unique touches. And then someone (usually your wedding planner) asks those words…

What is your budget?

Now let’s face it, there are very few of us that have an unlimited budget. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the money in the world to create our dream wedding? But, most of us have some sort of budget.

Did you know that the average wedding now is in the $37,000 range? Yes, I know that is a big number. And it is not unusual to surpass that number if you are not careful. So here are some tips that I think may help you all.

  1. Write out your dream.

What does it look like? Where is it? What is your menu? Are you having both a photographer and a videographer? What about your dress? Flowers…real or fake? Bar? Suit? Rings? Music…band, DJ? Cake? Décor? And, don’t forget about all those little touches that make it uniquely you.

  1. Time for the money. (This is NOT the budget part)

Are you paying for it yourself? Are the parents chipping in? Start looking at the cost of each and every venues and service (this includes your attire, gifts, favors, dress, special touches). Write it down. Most couple will do an estimate AND they underestimate what the cost actually is.

Let’s talk!

   3. Now it time for that ugly word…BUDGET!

Once you know what you would like to have, what the costs are, and what you have for money, you can start getting busy.

Prioritize what is important to you. What do you want to be your top three areas? Is it your deco, the food, the music, the atmosphere? Once you got that figured out you can start working on your budget and your wedding.

   4.Saving money!

Look for used items that people are selling from their weddings. Kijji is a great place to look. So is Facebook market. You have to remember that these items were most likely used for one day only and are most likely in great shape.

Go to stores like the Dollar Store to pick up items. Ask people if they know of vendor/venues/services that are excellent but not crazy expensive.

Will you be content with artificial flowers or does it have to be real? What about paper flowers?

Would you be happy having a play list for music or is it important to have a DJ/band?

Do you have to have that 3-tiered cake or would cupcakes be better? What about a doughnut tree?

Can you have the wedding of your dreams on a budget? Hell yes! You just need to get creative on how you are going to accomplish it. Don’t be afraid of having a budget. It is a great thing to have. It makes you think about what it is really the important parts of your wedding. It will make you get creative too.

Are you ready!

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