Were you told…?

Were You Told…?

You are now officially engaged!

You can’t stop looking at that ring on your finger (I know…I couldn’t either).

But did anyone tell you what to expect now? Here are a few things you may not have been told about engagement.

  1. Your perfect outfit, or lack of it.

We all have a picture or scene of the perfect romantic proposal. A romantic setting, sunset, roses, a gazebo, beach…you know what I`m getting at. You are dressed to the 9`s. Hair, makeup, manicure all done perfectly. He plans the “perfect“ intimate setting, gets down on one knee and pops the question. In reality it may not have happened that way at all.

Here`s the thing. When you share your proposal story (whether you were in your pajamas, out gardening, looking a complete mess); remember that it is your story…unique and special AND NO BODY HAS THE EXACT SAME STORY!

2. You can`t stop staring at your ring.

You now have a beautiful piece of jewelry on your finger. That one piece of jewelry and the meaning behind it is part of the reason.

Everybody is going to what to see that ring so you may want to get a manicure.

3. You will have to tell your proposal story a million times.

How? When? Where? Its all part of the fun of being engaged. Post it on your Social Media (and your wedding webpage) so everybody can get all the details!

 4. People are going to ask immediately about the wedding.

The date, place, venue, dress and a million other questions. Unless you and your partner have actually talked about this and planned it all out BEFORE you got the ring, you have no idea about any of it.

Take it slow. Let everyone know that you have discussed any of those details yet as you are just enjoying being engaged.

 5. Not everybody is going to be happy…

It’s just a fact. Not everybody is going to share in your excitement or be supportive about your engagement. There is usually one person who isn’t as supportive. Remember this is about them…NOT you. Let it go…you’re getting married!

 6. BUT your friends will be….

You know who they are. They are the ones that post it all over social media, tell everybody, take you out to celebrate, offer to help you in any way they can. Lean on them. Celebrate with them.

 7. Recently married (and not recently) friends will become wedding planners.

They are going to offer advice whether you want it or not. Some may miss the excitement of the wedding planning experience; some will think that they are doing you a favor.

If your friends offer any advice that starts with “you should/shouldn’t do…” take it with a grain of salt. If you like the suggestion, use it. If you don’t, be gracious and thank them then carry on with your plans. They are not doing it to be malicious, but just being well-meaning friends.

 8.You’ll watch wedding related movies/TV shows differently.

Whether you have always watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ or never have, you will find yourself leaning towards it. Actually, anything weddings related. That’s “normal”. This is where you will find inspiration and ideas.

Watch as much as you want or as little. This is your wedding…Have fun with it!

 9. You will have a hard time NOT jumping into wedding planning.

Yes, there is going to seem like a million things to get done/booked/planned. AND it will.

For the first little bit, just enjoy this engagement moment. This is a big life step for both you and your partner…just let it all sink in for a bit before you rush in head on.

 10. Your relationship will feel different (even if you have been together for a while).

This is a big event. It is exciting but it is also serious. It is a major commitment that you have made.

Talk to each other about everything…literally. Figure out stuff like holidays, vacations, kids, finances, where you are going to live. It’s better to discuss this stuff now rather than later.

If you are involved in a church or temple, you may be required to have pre-marital counselling. These leaders can guide you through the process of some of these (possibly) hard questions. Going through this early in the wedding process will make your wedding ceremony much more meaningful.

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